Some recent gigs

Here’s some photos from a couple holiday parties this year.

Here’s a couple of shots from a biker gig I did back in November at Ripken Stadium.


Some recent gigs — 3 Comments

  1. Nice job on these. I really liked the profile of the first biker guy… great head shape on him.

    You went easy on the serving wench. I hope you got a free drink for that one.

  2. The first and 3rd ones dead on.
    That 3rd biker one is sweeet!
    I love doing biker gigs with guys who’s necks are like tree trunks…always a lot of fun!
    Nice shading too. diggit!

  3. Love the “old skool” side view onesLOL! having recently “re discovered” the power of drawing side view caricatures myself, I have to catch people “on the sneak” on the subways. They are reluctant to pose for sideviews at gigs. How do YOU get em to pose?