Entertainment Caricatures     and  Individual/Gift Caricatures

Q:  What types of events are good for caricature entertainment?

A:  The list is endless.  We have done caricatures at events such as trade shows, birthday   parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, company picnics, holiday parties, company grand openings, cruises, etc. Our caricatures are popular with any age group at just about any function you can come up with where people gather.

Q:  Will the drawings be black and white or color?

A:  We can do either.  Most of the time our clients prefer black and white with just a splash of color.  This way the artist is able to draw more people at your event.

Q:  How many caricatures can the artist draw in one hour?

A:  Our artists average between 10-15 in black and white and approximately 8-12 in color.

Q:  How much do you charge?

A:  We usually charge an hourly rate or day rate based on the type of event and where you are located.  You can fill out a quick form here for a quote or call us at  443-904-6889.

Q. There will be a lot of people at my event, do I need more than one artist?

A. If your budget allows, hiring more artists certainly guarantees that more of your guests and clients will go home with a caricature. We are proud to provide the best live caricaturists that can be had anywhere, and the variety of drawing styles will delight your guests. On the other hand, drawing live is great entertainment — fun to take part in and fun to watch. Tell us your situation and he’ll be happy to advise.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  We currently accept Mastercard and Visa. You can also send us a company, certified check or payment through paypal. We require a 1 hour deposit to save the date and the full balance the day of the event.

Q: How far in advance should I schedule my event?

A: As soon as possible. Our artists are popular & get booked very quickly. To ensure your event date, please call us at 410-803-1010 with any questions and if your ready to book please fill out the request form here.

Q:  Do you travel outside of Maryland?

A:  Yes we do travel.  We do plenty of conventions and colleges outside of Maryland. We also have artists available all over the US.  You can fill out an Online request to see if we have someone in your requested market.

Q:  Do I need to provide anything at the event for the artist?

A:  Yes.  Each artist will need two chairs and access to an electrical outlet if indoors.  For outdoor events we do require a shaded area. The artist provides their easel, lights, paper and all materials.

Q: What if I need the artist(s) to stay longer than contracted?

A: If the artist(s) is able and available, overtime charges will be prorated in ½ hour increments. Overtime must be paid that day or authorized by contact person or authorized personal (signed off).

Q:  Are there any other additional items that you offer?

A:  Yes. We offer frames, plastic protectors, and custom pre-printed paper.

Q: Do you offer other entertainment?

A: Yes we do. We can provide magicians, balloon twisters, face painters and more. Please fill out our contact us form and let us know or call us direct 410-803-1010.


Custom/Gift Caricatures

Q:  How much are the custom caricatures?

A:  Prices vary. They go anywhere from $50-$800, depending on how much you want to have going on in your caricature. All pricing is per person. Please fill out form for a quote

Q:  How long does it take to get the order?

A:  Normal turnaround is 2-3 weeks.  Once complete, it can be picked up or we mail by USPS first class.  If you need rush delivery and turnaround we can usually accommodate.

Q:  How should I send the photos?

A:  You can send through the mail or via email (saves time).  Please keep file size to  less  than 1 MB per picture if possible.  One or 2 good head shots preferred. Photos sent by mail will be returned.

Q:  Can I use the caricature for advertising?

A:  The caricatures are for personal use only.  Use of drawings of your face at events can be reprinted and used on social network sites such as Facebook only. We reserve the right to use the artwork for marketing and advertising purposes. Artwork that is used for commercial use requires copyright permission for an additional fee.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  We currently accept Mastercard and Visa. You can also send us a company, certified check or payment through paypal. We require a $50 deposit to get started and the full balance the day of completion.

Q:  Can I request to have the picture done digitally instead of hard copy on paper?

A:  Yes. You have the choice of either. The price is the same.  If you choose card stock paper you receive via mail.  Digital will be emailed to you.

Q:  What size are the caricatures?

A:  They vary, but normally the size of the paper is approx. 11 x 14”. We also provide matting 12×16 or 16×20. We also do large signing boards.