Happy Birthday Erica!

Today is my daughter’s 11th birthday. Attached is a sketch I picked up from a colleague from England, Ric Machin. He does beautiful work. I liked his techinque, so I gave it a try.

Happy Birthday Erica, LOVE YOU!
It’s also my sister Lucille’s birthday today too. Love you too!!


Happy Birthday Erica! — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Rick.

    I am so flattered. Thank you for your kind words. Your sketch is wonderful, and I am sure Erica will love it.You have picked up this technique amazingly quickly. I hope you find it useful. Best wishes to you and Happy Birthday to Erica from London.

  2. Nice work Rick and a big (belated) happy birthday to Erica …………. t’other Ric does nice stuff too !!