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Here are some photos of the cartoon workshop from this summer in Baltimore County. Mostly school age kids. It worked out well.Real Phentermine Online 2012 Herbal Phentermine Where To Buy Ordering Phentermine 37.5 Buying Phentermine Uk Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg From Canada Phentermine Buy Online In Australia Buying Phentermine Online Reviews Phentermine Ups Cod Buy Discount Phentermine Online Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Phentermine Hcl Buy Online

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Here’s some drawings from some recent events. One was a wedding at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. Great party! Thank you Celebrations LLC. Also, worked a trade show last week at the Baltimore Convention Center.

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Here’s a couple of commissions gift caricatures. One is a retirement caricature, for the president of Johns Hopkins University. The other is a farewell caricature for a manager of a Marriott Hotel.

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This is a 60th Birthday Gift Caricature!

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Back again this year for the 2 day Aviation convention in DC this week with Dave Thompson and Gary (toonboy) Smith. Another great show! Phentermine Order Online ConsultBuy Adipex Buy Phentermine 30Mg Online Phentermine To Buy In Usa Buy Phentermine Overnight Delivery Buy Adipex Cheap Buy Phentermine Tijuana Phentermine Mg Buy 15 Mg Phentermine