Stairway to the Attic

Here’s a drawing I did MANY moons ago when I was a young lad in high school. I was going through the attic and found it a couple of days ago. It’s pretty bruised and ripped up as you can see. After looking at it, it’s hard to believe I had the patience to draw all those rocks back then.

I wanted to try and fix it up alittle to preserve it some. Back then I guess I didn’t feel like filling in the whole background so I trimmed it out, leaving a hallow around it?? So now I decided to finish off the background. This what I did:

And this is how it turned out. It’s over 4 ft high and I found a frame for it too.


Stairway to the Attic — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks guys!! I don’t know if name all the songs Pat, but I could sing them all. Naaa, just kidding, I’ll leave that up to you!!