Personal greeting cards

Here’s a “greeting card” I did for an current client of mine that works at a mortgage company. She wanted some personalized cards made to give out to her clients. I ended up doing quite a few drafts, then tweaking the final a few times. The balloons started out much smaller. This is a birthday one and below that is the “thank you” card. There maybe others to follow.

A Gift Caricature

Here’s a gift caricature I did of my neighbor that was used as a signing board. He just turned 40 and his wife Maureen threw a nice party for him. He’s originally from Ireland and has been over here in the US for about 15 years. I wanted tie in the two some how, not to mention he loves beer.
I first worked from a quick sketch I did of him this past year. Working in photoshop and knowing how to get around in it helps a great deal, you can add more options as you go. Placing the US flag in the back ground faded a little was pretty cool and that’s what I wanted. But after looking at it awhile, the flag stood out too much so I took it out and put it on his tie and I think that worked better. Plus I thinned out his neck too (which I don’t think he minded.)

Group Shots

Happy New Year everyone!!

Below are a couple group caricatures I did this past holiday season. Also attached are the rough layouts. The first one is from the photo I took, they added a few people afterwards. They both went pretty smooth with out too much over working or redoing.

Xmas cards

It’s that time of year. Here are just a couple of xmas cards I’ve been working on this year. I have been doing these 2 for the past couple of years, each year with a different theme. This is the first year however that I’ve done the color digitally. It is soooo much easier to make changes, add and subtract things.

I have a few more, I’ll post soon.

1st Photoshop work

Here are a couple caricatures I did a few weeks ago.These are my FIRST attempts at coloring in photoshop for a client. I’m FINALLY up and running with it. Thanks to Tom Richmond’s tutorials, thanks Tom!! My good friend, Jeff Mandell said, “Welcome to the 21st Century.

I have others in the works right now, I’ll post later.

Hi. Finally, my first post. Here are a few photos from recent gigs.

More to follow…….