Unusual ballpark drawing

You don’t get this kind of drawing or request everyday. A couple came by like any other young couple and asked to get their caricature done. I said, “sure”. The guy came up to me and whispered, “have me proposing to her”. I said “ok”. I drew him first then she sat down. I decided to have him on one knee, holding a ring and her on a pedestal. He watched as I finished up and I turned it around to show her and she was shocked (happy) to say the least.

Then he stepped right in front of her, got down on one knee, popped out a ring and proposed, right there!! She jumped up and gave him a big hug and would not let go. Pretty cool!! That doesn’t happen too often at the park.

Convention gig in DC

Here are some photos from an engineer’s convention I did this past week in DC. It was a good group of people. I worked with a fellow artist, Peter Scott, we had fun and we were busy, non stop.

Big Shot @ 50

I’m back. Been pretty busy as usual and too lazy to up date my blog on a regular basis. I need to find more time to do.

Above is a gift caricature I did for a good friend of mine (Joe “Big Shot” Schultz) for his 50th birthday. We all went out to dinner to celebrate.

Another Gift Caricature

I know, I know, you all been wondering where I’ve been?? Sorry, just a busy guy this time of year. Just not too much time to post.

But here another gift caricature I did recently for friends of ours son, Andrew Sellers who just graduated from high school. He’s a heck of an athlete ( MVP football and lacrosse, all MIAA team, all star team, a stack of scholarship offers, etc…) on top of that, he’s a great kid!!

I’ll try to post more often.

Click for a closer look…

Gift Caricature

Here’s a caricature I did of a good friend of mine who I went to grade school and high school with for his 50th surprise birthay party. (He’s a lot older than me, I’m not sure how that happen??) But anyway, he works multiple jobs and wears alot of hats. So that’s what I did in the drawing.

Below is a drawing from a young budding artist who was at the party, who is Mark’s niece, her name is Mary and she is only 9 years old. She did a drawing of her father in just a few minutes, WOW. She loves to draw, she draws all the time and it shows. Keep up the good work Mary!

Ballpark Caricatures!

Hi all. I’ve been quite busy lately. Getting into spring and baseball season, which gets pretty crazy at times. Attached are some photos of my stand at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore. It’s a great place to work and I have a good location at the park, which is crucial. I’ve been there since the park open in 1992. But it’s a GREAT place to watch a ball game. This time of year in April can be slow at times…

(Photos were taken by Emily. Thanks Em. Nice photos.)

But when the Yankees (or the Red Sox) come in to town, it like night and day.

First Digital Painting

Sorry for the long drought. I know a lot of you look forward to reading my blog on a regular and daily bases and I was getting quite of few calls and e-mails inquiring what happen, when will you start posting again…. NOT. Sounded good thou.

Anyway, been quite busy. Below is my first digital painting. I did it last month for my other daughter’s birthday present, she like this young guitar player. I was pretty happy with it. Inspired by all the great stuff a lot of my colleagues are doing. But I have a long way to go. I’ll be posting more often. Again sorry to all of you who have been waiting so long.

Me and the Governor Ehrlich

Click for a closer look…

Here’s one of my caricatures I did “live” last night at a local Restaurant (Luna Del Sea), that I’ve been doing some work for lately. This one is of our former governor here in Maryland, Robert Ehrlich. It was a pleasure to meet him and to draw him!! I don’t get too many opportunities to draw “famous” people live. Off of photos, yes. I’ve been to quite a few events where there have been VIPs, some local politicians and famous sports personalities. But they WILL not stand in line to get a drawing done let alone sit for 5 minutes. They’re too busy and if they do sit, the crowd would be all over them which is good for business, but I don’t get an opportunity to talk with them; it gets too chaotic.

But drawing Governor Ehrlich was very cool. He came to the restaurant early before the crowd showed up. So I was able to chat with him while drawing. It was funny because the restaurant called me that day and asked me to come in earlier to draw the governor. I said, ok. Then I started looking up photos of him, trying to get a feel for his face before I drew it that night. Looking up his bio, checking out some local stories in the paper to talk to him about. Thinking up some Irish stories… While waiting for him to show up, I find out that Governor Martin O”Malley is not the one I am going to draw, it’s the former Governor, Bob Ehrlich. So I had to rethink what I was going to draw and say. The drawing is now hanging right above the table he always sits at when he comes there a couple times a week.

The next time I’m in the restaurant I will get a couple of photos of all the caricatures on the wall and I’ll post them.