A Gift Caricature

Here’s a gift caricature I did of my neighbor that was used as a signing board. He just turned 40 and his wife Maureen threw a nice party for him. He’s originally from Ireland and has been over here in the US for about 15 years. I wanted tie in the two some how, not to mention he loves beer.
I first worked from a quick sketch I did of him this past year. Working in photoshop and knowing how to get around in it helps a great deal, you can add more options as you go. Placing the US flag in the back ground faded a little was pretty cool and that’s what I wanted. But after looking at it awhile, the flag stood out too much so I took it out and put it on his tie and I think that worked better. Plus I thinned out his neck too (which I don’t think he minded.)


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