Caricatures at Camden Yards in October

The O’s didn’t win the World Series this year but they had a GREAT year despite all the injuries along the way. They did make it to the ALCS. They will come back strong for 2015.

Meanwhile, business was hoppin’ on Eutaw St. during pre-game festivities. The caricatures are always popular with the O’s fans and there was lots of orange this year.

The A-Team:a-team crowd park 1IMG_4310smBesides the caricatures and Boog’s BBQ, the Oriole Bird was the most popular thing on Eutaw St.IMG_4319smO's fans

O's Fans 2IMG_4335And you have to stop and watch some of the game too! Cheers!Untitled-1

A Luau Office party!!

We had the A Team working at an advertising agency luau office party, Planit Advertising in Baltimore a few weeks ago. Very cool party and great faces to draw. It was for their clients as well as their employees. There was no shortage of pretty girls either!


Dave Thompson doing his thing…10329747_693607134010005_355813993715817680_o

Toon Boy (Gary Smith) having a “blast”!!!10382139_693608834009835_4911067871952030080_o

And Tom Chalk making people scream and holler!10465249_693608527343199_5318615585759325590_o10382133_693606964010022_2419943275667075169_o IMG_3675 IMG_3674IMG_3679This girl was so cute, she had a couple drawings done of herself! One by Rick and one by Tom Chalk.10355466_693606987343353_7887820254438315697_oIMG_3680-RecoveredDave’s work:10380188_693609700676415_6225453158076910799_oToon Boy’s:10495372_693607787343273_252847629937526511_o